About Me

I am Chris Tate-Davies. A web developer from Oxfordshire.


I work as a development manager for a software company, providing management tools to video post production houses around the world.

Contact Me

If you want to get hold of me, you can email me, or find me on Twitter


In addition to my full-time job, I have also created a few spin off projects.

These include:

HNFC COVID-19 Track and Trace portal
FOHNS fundraising site
The Sun Inn Public House website Gone :(
Stanton Motorsports website
I can be retro too


In my spare (HAH!) time, I am the chairman of Hook Norton Football Club. This is a local (to me) grassroots men's football team playing in the Witney and District football league. It allows me to maintain my love for the sport as well as helping the local community who were missing their local team when it folded some years back.

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